Azelaic Acid And Its Benefits

Azelaic acid is a common chemical compound that is used for treating a wide range of skin diseases including rosacea, acne, and melasma. This particular compound was recently discovered and they are extracted from some of the grains like barley, wheat, and rye. This new chemical compound is available in a variety of concentrations and depending upon the requirement they are used on face creams and other acne-related treatments. 

What Is Azelaic Acid?

Azelaic acid should be maintained on a perfect pH level of 4.9 to ensure activity. When the pH level of this product is not up to the mark then the quality of the product will not be good and it will not work on the skin. along with the other skin disorders they have also proved to be effective against psoriasis as per the results of the recent studies. 

Main benefits for skin

Azelaic acid has proved itself to be more effective against any of the acne-related creams including benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, and Accutane.  


The power of azelaic acid is equal to benzoyl peroxide. But the difference is they are softer on the skin and do not create irritation like benzoyl peroxide. 

Similarly, they are also so proud to be as effective as knowing and Accutane. One of the major reasons people prefer this particular acid is because they do not cause the side effect that any of the other acne treatment-related chemical components cause. 

It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it more suitable for acne-related treatment.

They also remove the dead skin cells and prevent the formation of clogged pores.

The azelaic acid can also be used for treating fungal-related acne conditions and other issues like eczema and psoriasis. And if you wish to bid adieu to acne for good, then you gotta add the Chemist At Play Acne Control Serum to your cart right away!

Benefits of Azelaic Acid

Who should use it?

One of the major confusion among everyone is whether they should use it or not. But it is necessary to understand that anyone with skin problems like acne, rosacea, melasma, dermatitis, and eczema can use this particular chemical compound in a cream base. They can either be used separately ee or combined with other compounds like clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide for a good effect. Some of the common market products contain azelaic acid cream in concentrations of 10% and 20%. People with mild symptoms can go for 10% compounds while 20% is for heavy symptoms.

How to use it?

Azelaic acid should be used in small amounts and they are mostly combined with other chemical compounds like clindamycin. The first thing you need to do is cleanse your face thoroughly and take a fingertips worth of Azelaic acid in your hand. Apply the cream on the face evenly. For people who have been taking the treatment for a long time and experience irritation, the best option is to go for moisturiser first after cleansing and then applying the azelaic acid cream. They are also available in gel form which is also effective but they cause more irritation on the skin. They are prescribed for patients if the doctors are looking for deep penetration within the skin and effective skincare treatments. 

This particular cream can be used regularly as a skincare routine. It is always a good option to use these creams after getting a prescription from the doctor and available in most of the medical shops. They have proved themselves to be a satisfying cream that offers a good result in most treatments. 

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