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What Is a Face Serum and Why Should You Use One?

Because healthy skin will always be in!

Doing skincare can be so therapeutic, right? Right from cleansing to applying your night cream to everything in between. Gone are the days when all you had to do was cleanse, tone & moisturise and you were good to go! Thanks to K-Beauty global trends, we are now addicted to applying serums, sleeping masks, essences, emulsions, and whatnot!

If you are a true skincare fanatic, then you need no introduction to everyone's fave skincare product at the moment; serums! This *miracle in a bottle* can improve your skin's texture, hydrate and brighten it and can also reduce the appearance of fine lines. It all depends on what kind you choose!

What Are Face Serums?

A face serum is a skincare product that contains powerful, active ingredients that can be applied to your skin directly. On the basis on of a targeted skin woe, you can choose between an array of skincare serums for your skin. Vitamin c, Hyaluronic, green tea, etc. are some of the most popular skincare serums ruling the skincare charts.

The consistency of a serum is gel-like but as compared to other skincare products, it is thicker in nature.

Why You Need To Use A Serum?

Serums are awesome! Apart from hydrating the skin, they also target specific woes and improve the appearance of the skin. If you need more reasons why your skin deserves the goodness of a serum, then keep on reading.

  • They are absorbed immediately into your skin,
  • They are soothing on the skin,
  • Have anti-ageing properties, 
  • Boosts hydration and improves the radiance of the skin,
  • Protect the skin from radicals,
  • They are lightweight and (mostly) work well with other ingredients.

How To Use A Serum?

It all depends on what kind of serum are you using. Usually, a serum is applied after toning the skin but before using a moisturiser.

You can also mix a few drops of a particular serum with your moisturiser for a boost of hydration. You can apply most serums 2-3 times a day to maintain your skin's health and even under makeup. The idea is to improve your skin's texture while adding a glow to it!

There are so many varieties of serum available in the market that can help solve issues such as acne, dull skin, pigmentation, ageing, etc. The idea is to find your perfect match and let it works it magic on your skin.

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