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How To Identify If You Have Dry Skin?

In order to maintain a good skincare routine, it is essential to understand the type of skin. Each person has a different type of skin and only through proper understanding can you apply products that will suit your skin. Normally people go for products that have good reviews rather than choosing the items that are good for their skin. This is a bad practice and so before trying any product understand the ingredients present in them. 

What is dry skin?

Normally every skin has a wide range of oil glands that secrete only to keep the skin tight, plump, and soft. These oil glands are popularly known as the sebaceous glands and they secrete sebum. The sebum is responsible for locking the moisture content within the skin. But when you have dry skin the oil secretion by the sebaceous glands will be less which allows the moisture content to dry away. The skin will appear more dry and flaky making it irritated.

How to identify dry skin?

checking if you have dry skin is quite easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. Most people recognize it but do not do anything to treat it. You can check if you have dry skin by washing your face with a normal cleanser and leave it to dry without applying any product for a few minutes. If the skin feels dry after a few minutes then you naturally have dry skin. Be careful while testing because you can mix up normal skin with dry skin under certain circumstances. For example, using powerful face wash will keep your skin dry for a long time despite it being normal skin. 

Common issues

Normally most people consider having dry skin as a boon. The skin will be fresher but there are certain disadvantages in having dry skin. Some of the issues of having dry skin include,

Extremely dry skin makes the skin appear flaky with dry flakes. 

With dry skin, you will have to constantly moisturize it and use products that are related to it. 

What should I do about it?

Normally people with dry skin just apply moisturizer and natural oils on a regular basis to improve their oil content in the skin. But along with that, there are also certain techniques and precautions that need to be taken while having dry skin. 

People having dry skin will have sensitive issues since it does not have the required oil or sebum that protects the surface of the skin. So the products they are using should be made specifically for dry skin. 

People having dry skin should use scrubbers regularly to avoid the accumulation of dead skin cells. 

Apply regular moisturiser along with sunscreen lotions to protect the skin. Using night creams will also be more effective. 

Even though natural oils are good for skincare, applying and washing it away will immediately deprive the skin of the sebum produced naturally on the surface making it drier than before. So let the skin absorb naturally and take a bath as usual. 

Hydrate your skin regularly.

All these ideas can improve the natural structure of your skin and make it glow when you travel out. Both oily and dry skin can be maintained when taken care of properly with required precautions.

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