How To Incorporate Actives In Your Skincare Routine

Maintaining healthy skin has become quite essential these days with the hot temperatures and pollution. Nowadays, both men and women undergo a wide range of skincare routines like cleansing, toning, and moisturising to improve their look. For enhancing the effectiveness of such a treatment, the best option is to use active agents and compounds in your facewash and other skincare products. You might have heard this term active ingredients in a wide range of advertisements and on top of the topical creams and products. 

How to incorporate active ingredients into your skincare routine?

If you had spent some quality time in specific beauty blogs, you might have come across the term called active. To be more precise and active is nothing better than an ingredient used mainly to address the primary concern of the skin. For example, if you are trying on a face wash that offers skin brightness, then vitamin C present in the face wash will be the active ingredient.  This is because if you add an active ingredient, it functions effectively compared to the other ingredients present in the face wash, and you can be assured about the quality of the product. 

When do you apply?

When you use topical creams and serums, the number of active ingredients present will be naturally high. Some of the naturally available active ingredients include chemical exfoliant, azelaic acid, retinoids, and benzoyl peroxide. When you have any chronic issue like hyperpigmentation and severe acne, using a product with active ingredients will be effective. Any product with active ingredients ensures proper activity since its functions are more concentrated than the others. 

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How to apply them?

There are a variety of active ingredients available in the market. Some of them include salicylic acid, retinoids, and so on. They are known as active ingredients in natural skin care products and also as single ingredients. In the case of skincare products, you can directly apply them to your skin ( for cleansers, toners and facewashes). Similarly, you can apply moisturisers and creams after cleansing your skin using a regular cleanser. 

When you are looking forward to applying active ingredients like retinoids to your skin directly as a single ingredient, the best option is to follow a particular set of rules. 

Cleanse your face thoroughly before applying any type of cream or actors on your face. Having a damp face will allow the ingredients to absorb quickly.

Always wear sunscreen regularly to reduce the symptoms of ageing and avoid photosensitivity that occurs when you apply active ingredients to the face. 

Before applying any such active ingredient, the first thing you have to do is conduct a patch test. Some of the ingredients like niacinamide and salicylic acid can irritate specific sensitive skin. 

When you are using, activities start slowly in your skincare routine. Since they are potent acids, it is essential to be careful and gradually increase the dosage as per the requirement. 

Some of the products like hyaluronic acids are not powerful as compared others, and they can be applied at a larger dosage. Depending upon the patch test results, you can decide on your dosage, which can later be built up. Start from a pea-sized dosage and regularly build it up. 

How long to wait?

One of the common questions asked by most people is how long should we wait after applying the activities. But in reality, depending upon the type of product you are using, the waiting time may vary. Any activity with a PH value less than 5.5 requires more waiting time. And similarly, for any actives with a pH value greater than 5.5, you can wash them away in 15 minutes. Again, if you experience any dryness or irritation after applying the actives, choosing a proper moisturizing agent to improve the hydration is the best option. 

How do you combine various activities?

Sometimes if a person has sensitive skin, then consult a dermatologist before experimenting with active ingredients. But if you have a good skin tolerance, you can alternate two different activities like a morning product and a night product. For example, you can go for the BHA acids on the first day and the AHA acids on the second day, and so on. Always remember not to combine two or more acids within the same session, resulting in severe irritation if you have sensitive skin. Similarly, certain combinations will render one or more ingredients non-effective. For example, when you combine benzoyl peroxide with tretinoin, the letter will be rendered ineffective due to the properties of benzoyl peroxide. Unless the doctor prescribes a combination, always try to avoid them. 

What to do in case of reactions?

If you have any sudden reaction to the usage of such active ingredients, stop using them immediately. Wash the affected skin area with a gentle cleanser and reduce the irritation using aloe vera gel and other gels like hyaluronic acid, honey, and ceramides. 

If you are interested in improving your face’s skincare routine, the best option is to choose a combination that might work. If you are not an expert such as a researcher, then the best option is to leave it to the doctors treating you.

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