How To Treat Dark Circles

Reducing dark circles can be a hectic issue. Bet you have watched enough tutorial on YouTube to reduce those dark circles only to discover that they are useless. Having dark circles is one of the most common skin concerns among people nowadays. With the regular increase in stress, lack of sleep, and poor food habits they have become a regular appearance on most people. The particular reason for receiving dark circles is not known clearly and hence it has been ignored as a minor concern for a long time. But it is a simple skin concern and can be easily treated through regular application of proper medications and certain practices. 

What are dark circles?

Dark circles under the eyes are a common phenomenon that occurs due to multiple reasons. It is nothing but the darkening of the skin under the eyes making it look dark, tired and dull. Most people nowadays have dark circles but sometimes they are intense depending upon their exposure and stress factors in life. Dark circles can make the skin appear dull and pale. Most of the dark circles that appear under the eye can be reduced using effective self-treatments but sometimes it requires medical attention. 

Dark Circles Treatment

Causes of dark circles

There are multiple reasons that act as a source for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Some of them might be very simple that you might not have realized in your day-to-day activities. some of the common reasons for the appearance of dark circles include,

Long exposure to the sun allows the UV radiations to cause dark circles around the eyes as a result of pigmentation. 

Using ingredients that are harsh on the skin and might lead to skin dryness and darkness around the eye area. 

They might also be a result of skin allergies

Dark circles occur due to a continuous lack of sleep. 

Lack of moisture content around the skin surrounding the eyes. 

Constant rubbing of eyes. 

Black circles can also occur due to genetic habits. 

The constant wearing of poor quality power glasses. 


Watching bright television or digital devices like laptops and mobile phones for a long time.

When it comes to dark circles mostly they are indicated by the darkening of the skin around the eyes. But sometimes they might also occur by showing up in the blood vessels running under the skin which is called vascular dark circles. 

How do I treat dark circles?

There are multiple under-eye creams present in the market and they can be constantly used for lightening the dark circles. But along with the under-eye creams, there are also other things that you need to follow to prevent dark circles in the future. 

Always wear sunglasses when you are going outdoors. Sunglasses can prevent harmful UV radiations from affecting the skin region around the eyes.

Constant allergies might result in your eyes watering continuously and cause dark circles. This can be prevented by using antihistamines or any other allergy-related medicine.

Use the under-eye creams in your regular skincare routine. Combine these creams with powerful SPF 30 sunscreen lotions. 

Using concealers can prevent you from showing dark circles to other people. Caffeine is a powerful ingredient that is used in under-eye creams for lightening them. The presence of anti-oxidants allows them to tighten and restore the skin. 

Ingredients (acids) that help

When you choose any of the under eye cream make sure that it has certain ingredients like azelaic acid inside it. A good concentration of Azelaic acid can reduce the presence of dark circles around the eyes and act as a powerful brightening agent. There are also other skin brightening agents like niacinamide that can repair the damaged tissues and make the skin more healthy and plump. They hydrate the skin and make them look more soft along the edges. By using regular under-eye creams in your regular skincare routine and applying other natural substances like cucumber and eyes you can remove the dark circles under your eye. Rest more, drink plenty of water and avoid watching televisions or other digital devices for a long time. 

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