How To Treat Dryness And Dullness?

In the current environment filled with pollution, it is quite challenging to maintain the skin’s health. The poor maintenance combined with exposure to excess and light has resulted in skin infections and dullness. Hydration is an essential requirement for all skins, regardless of it being oily or dry. Hydrating your skin regularly can make the skin smooth, refreshing and plump. Most efficient moisturising creams are filled with supercharged hydrating ingredients that can increase the natural water content and reduce moisture loss. 

What is Dullness & Dryness?

Naturally, every human skin can shed dead skin cells regularly, giving rise to new cells. But sometimes, due to exposure to unwanted chemicals and poor climatic conditions, these skin cells do not shed as they should and result in both dryness and dullness of the skin condition. This will make the skin more rough and patchy. Naturally, dry skin can be a boon to most people since it reduces the occurrence of acne. But the accumulation of dead skin cells is a common issue with such skins, which might lead to dullness. 

Skin Dryness And Dullness Treatment

Causes of dryness

Skin dryness is a condition that can happen due to multiple causes. It is not just because of the dead skin cells but also due to regular practices. Some people are born with dry skin. For example, prolonged exposure to sun or snow can also result in skin dryness since they robbed the necessary oils from the skin. Some of the common reasons for skin dryness include,

Poor weather conditions like extreme winter or altering temperatures and humidity levels.

Excess heating and exposure to direct heat through fireplaces and Central heating systems.

Using products that are harsh on the skin, including soaps and creams.

Accumulation of dead skin cells.

How do I treat dryness and dullness?

As we have mentioned before, dryness results from accumulating dead skin cells that can dull the skin. Most people believe that using a hydrating cream will reduce the dryness of the skin. But along with that, it is also necessary to follow a regular procedure of cleansing and scrubbing. In order to remove the dryness in the skin, it is necessary to follow the procedure given below. 

Cleansing - Cleansers are more effective than normal face washes. By cleansing regularly, you can remove the dead skin cells and remove the blocks on the skin pores. Cleansing should be done regularly during the morning and evening. 

Scrubbing - Scrubbing is a technique that is not commonly followed by most. But scrubbing your skin once a week using high-quality scrubbers that suit your skin type can remove the dead skin cells to a greater extent and make your skin more soft and supple. They control gaseous emissions, including acid gases. Do not forget to apply toner after cleansing and scrubbing. 

Moisturiser - After cleansing and scrubbing, you moisturise your skin with a powerful moisturiser with hydrating agents to improve the skin condition. Along with reducing dryness and dullness, they can also improve the skin’s health to prevent further damage. For more efficient effects, people can use both day and night moisturising creams appropriately. 

This can act as a regular skincare routine for your skin, and the products can be chosen based on your skin type and sensitivity. 

Ingredients (acids) that help

When you purchase a cleanser, moisturiser, or scrub for a regular skincare routine, certain ingredients can improve the skin condition to a certain extent. We have listed certain ingredients that you can include in your regular products to avoid future treatments for more clear understanding. 

Hyaluronic acid - This is a natural substance that is secreted by the skin and has the ability to hold more water content. But sometimes, due to specific exposure, the quantity of this acids can be reduced. Using products with hyaluronic acid will balance the normal skin level and make the skin softer. 

Ceramides - Ceramide is an important skin component and is available in 9 different forms. They are waxy lipid molecules found within the cell membrane. Purchasing any product with ceramides like Spingo lipids will improve the natural production of ceramides in the skin.

Niacinamide- Niacinamide is a type of vitamin B product that offers a variety of advantages to the skin, along with retaining the moisture content and increasing them through natural production. It prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated, and it is available as a serum. So you can either purchase a moisturiser with niacinamide or go for a niacinamide-based serum. 

Along with these, other hydrating ingredients like natural oils and glycerine are necessary for your skin. So any moisturiser you use should have these ingredients in a hydrating form for efficient results.

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