Retinol And Its Benefits

Reversing the age has been a dream for most people and they have tried a wide range of chemical components to achieve them. Among the ingredients available in the market, retinol has proved to be one successful ingredient that offers a miracle of anti-aging technique. This simple component is being used in multiple monster rises and face creams that promise anti-aging as its main function. 

What Is Retinol?

Vitamin A is available in a supplement form. It is a foremost factor for optimal skin level, appearance and functions. There are 2 types of Vitamin A, Retinoids and Carotenoids. Both types of Vitamin A are converted into retinol by the liver. Retinol  helps in production of new skin cells, without it skin gets overly dry.

There are multiple types of retinoids available in the market and depending upon the requirement they are added to the cream. Retinol is a powerful chemical component that has been deemed as a miracle anti-aging component.  Some of the common types of retinoids used in the treatment of anti-aging creams include tretinoin, adapalene, and retinol. Being a part of the retinoid family retinol has been used for improving collagen production in the skin and for treating various conditions.

Benefits of Retinol for skin

Benefits Of Retinol For The Skin

Most of the retinol has been considered as the golden treatment for aging-related skin issues. It is a part of the regular skincare routine in most people above the age of 30. They are used for,

  • Maintaining young skin by tightening the layers and making them plumper. 
  • They improve the production of collagen in the skin which is responsible for maintaining the young cells intact. 
  • They are also used for removing the dead skin cells and making the skin feel refreshing and completely elastic. 

This chemical component it's not just an agent that is used for treatments to reduce acne and wrinkles. They can also be used for regular skincare routine and maintained and even tone for a fresh spa-like glow. 

Who Should Use Retinol?

Even though this particular product is useful for most skin types, people having dry skin should avoid them. So if you have sensitive skin try to avoid using this particular chemical product. So when you try it on your skin make sure that it works effectively without causing any side effects like flakiness and dryness. Anyone who has conditions like acne, allergies, and rosacea should use it only after a research about the product.

How To Use Retinol?

The best option is to start the treatment from the milder dosage and build them up until you are able to withstand the power of the retinal. Initially, they start with 0.05% and can be worked up with stronger amounts over time. People with normal skin conditions can start on a powerful dose and build strength with time. Initially while using it for the first time people might experience dryness and redness along with a certain peeling which can be managed through regular moisturization. They allow the skin to be sensitive to sun rays and hence sunscreen lotions are a must for people using retinoids as a night cream. 

Our personal recommendation is to combine retinol with vitamin C serum for an effective solution for your regular skincare routine. The radicals from vitamin C can protect the sun from damage and pollution that affects the skin. Use gentle cleansers before applying the cream and moisturizers after application of the retinol cream. This is an effective anti-aging cream and it can be used after getting proper medical advice from your dermatologist. 

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