Dark spots around the mouth? Everything You Need to Know About Treating Pigmentation Around Mouth

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  • The human epidermis has a pigment called melanin.

  • It shields the endodermis against harmful UV rays.

  • In response to intense sun exposure, the skin secretes excess melanin, leading to dark skin.

  • Skin pigmentation around the mouth is a sign of hyper-pigmentation.

  • Excess hyperpigmentation is often a sign of damaged skin tone.


Hyperpigmentation shows an aggregation of melanin under the epidermis. It's responsible for skin darkening in response to sun exposure

Dark skin around the mouth leads to uneven skin tone. It forms dark patches all over the face, a sign of melanin aggregation. Although it doesn't have any imminent health risks, excess melanin secretion is often an early sign of skin cancer. 

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Overview

The most prominent sign of pigmentation around the mouth is skin discolouration. It happens when melanin production enhances because of underlying factors, leading to dark spots. Although a clinically harmless condition, it affects the facial beauty of affected individuals. 

 Skin darkening could be a natural response because of climatic conditions. Again, it could be side effects of any topical medications, stress-related dark rings under the eyes or staining of upper lip surface from chain-smoking. 

What Factors Trigger Pigmentation Around Mouth?

Factors that Trigger Pigmentation Around Mouth

Darkening of skin cells could happen from extreme climate, lifestyle issues, or side effects of drug allergies. Seek professional medical advice if you experience dark patches from:

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 1 - Prolong exposure to sunlight

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 1 - Prolong exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is the chief source of energy for the living world. In the human body, sufficient exposure to sunlight secretes vitamin D. If the epidermis experiences intense sun exposure, it enhances the secretion of a pigment called melanin


A protective mechanism to prevent UV radiations from penetrating endodermis, it's responsible for skin colour. Exposure to intense sunlight over half an hour leads to melanin secretion, leaving dark patches around your mouth.


Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 2 - Side effects of certain medications

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 2 - Side effects of certain medications
A sudden dark area on your face could happen as a side effect of drug allergy, hormonal medications, or cosmetics. Patients can show dark patches around the mouth from:
  • Abrupt hormonal changes from prolonged consumption of birth control pills

  • Drug allergy from antibiotics (doxycycline), antispasmodic (metronidazole)

  • Skin discolouration from cosmetics


Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 3 - Pregnancy-related skin conditions

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 3 - Pregnancy-related skin conditions

Pregnant women are famous for glowing skin, but the opposite can also happen as melasma. During pregnancy, the mother's body experiences hormonal changes, anxiety and stress, rapid weight gain, leading to an uneven skin tone and tanned skin cells around the mouth. 


Some women don't have a smooth gestation, and melasma marks become prominent along with sensitive skin and facial skin pigmentation. Melasma is also common in individuals undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or practicing hormonal birth control.

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 4 - Skin tone issues and dark areas around the mouth

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Cause 4 - Skin tone issues and dark areas around the mouth

Individuals with acute dermal problems also experience dark pigmentation around their faces. You may experience hyperpigmentation around your face if you have:

  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (temporary darkening of skin like bruises because of blunt injury)

  • Acne scars 

  • Contact dermatitis

  • Perioral dermatitis

  • Developing sun-spots (side effects of sunbathing)

  • Allergic reactions on upper lips from applying incompatible beauty products

Hyperpigmentation Control Face Serum

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How does vitamin deficiency trigger pigmentation around mouth?

vitamin deficiency triggers pigmentation around mouth

Vitamins play a crucial role in maintaining even skin tone. Sunlight is the prime source for vitamin D production in the skin naturally. Being susceptible to sunlight (sun allergy) can cause vitamin D deficiency, leading to poor skin cells.

Patients also experience skin inflammation when deficient in vitamin C and vitamin B-12. 

Who is more prone to develop Pigmentation Around Mouth?

Who is more prone to develop Pigmentation Around Mouth

Individuals with sensitive skin are most susceptible to hyperpigmentation around the mouth. While dead skin cells regularly shed, healing the affected area, the same is absent when you have pigmentation around your mouth

  • Clinical history of skin disease

  • Dark-skinned people

  • Prone to allergic reactions

  • Individuals operating under the sun exposure for prolonged hours

  • Malnourished folks (vitamin deficiency)

  • Professionals in the beauty industry

  • Patients undergoing treatment of chronic illness (carcinoma)

What are the various Hyper-pigmentation Around Mouth Treatment?

What are the various pigmentation Around Mouth Treatment?

Pigmentation around the mouth is a treatable skin issue. While it often fades naturally with regular skincare, stubborn cases of dark patches require surgical measures with prescription drugs. Hyper-pigmentation treatment includes:

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Solution 1 - Laser treatment 

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Solution 1 - Laser treatment

Laser therapy is best suited if you want to remove pigmentation around your mouth. Laser treatments for reducing pigmentation include:

  • (Laser skin resurfacing) using ablative (removes epidermis to an extent) and non-ablative laser (doesn't remove skin surface).

  • Intense Pulsated Light (IPL) treatment applies pulsating light waves that treat the affected area like the upper lip, restore natural skin texture, and reduces dark spots around the mouth

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Solution 2 - Prescription drugs

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Solution 2 - Prescription drugs

Pigmentation Around Mouth: Solution 3 - Homemade recipes


Pigmentation Around Mouth: Solution 3 - Homemade recipes

Choose homemade recipes to fight pigmentation around the mouth using ingredients like:

  • Apply a thick paste of gram flour (not meant for individuals with celiac disease) as it helps fade dark spots. 

  • No skincare-based blogs are complete without rose water. It's a natural skin toner besides reducing inflammation and skin pigmentation. Apply it daily around the mouth for flawless skin. 

If you are new to skincare, always perform a patch test (compatibility check) on your palm or behind earlobes before applying any new products. 

DIY methods on how to get rid of Pigmentation Around Mouth?

DIY methods on how to get rid of Pigmentation Around Mouth

Prepare your daily skincare routine using natural remedies around you using:

  • Apply pure turmeric powder (famous in Ayurveda for its skin lightening properties

  • To rejuvenate your dull and sensitive skin, mix half a cup of oatmeal and one and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and apply turmeric-oatmeal scrub.

  • Gram flour and olive oil face mask exfoliates dead skin, making your skin glow from within

  • Apply aloe vera and rose water face pack daily for a moisturised face.


Mostly Asked Questions About Pigmentation Around Mouth:

How to get rid of skin pigmentation around the mouth through home remedies?

Reducing pigmentation around your mouth requires using a natural and not chemical exfoliant. Wash your face with lukewarm water, use a gentle exfoliator and wear sunscreen to treat pigmentation necessary for a natural glow.


How to remove the dark area around your mouth?

Dark spots around your mouth are an accumulation of dead skin cells. Wash your face with warm water, use aloe vera gel, apply natural remedies like face masks made from citric acidgram flourlemon juicetomato juice and apply once every week. 


How long does hyperpigmentation around mouth treatment need?

It may take over a few weeks to reduce skin pigmentation around your mouth. Besides, abstaining from applying chemical exfoliants with bleaching properties keeps your skin safe from harm's way. 


What does it take to remove dark pigmentation around the mouth?

Remove pigmentation around your mouth through home remedies and OTC skin brightening creams. It's best to visit a dermatologist before buying clinical products with skin lightening properties.


What do Netizens think about Pigmentation Around Mouth?

Hyperpigmentation proliferates dead skin cells and dark rings around your mouth. It increases dark spots and often becomes permanent without proper treatment. To restore natural glow, use azelaic acid-derived anti-skin pigmentation products containing natural ingredients like lemon juicevitamin Crose water and kojic acid


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Summary on Pigmentation Around Mouth

Skin pigmentation around the mouth often lower self-esteem, especially amongst women. While it's natural to have dark spots when lacking in skincare, treating stubborn hyperpigmentation marks requires surgical options like laser treatments.

Home remedies like washing your face with cold water, applying aloe vera face masks, taking precautions while going out in the sun reduces sun spots, besides lowering skin inflammation





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