Ceramides 101

Let's talk about ceramides, shall we?

Ceramides are lipids (fats) that help strengthen the skin's barrier. In fact, they make up about 50% of our skin's composition!

Then, Why Aren't We Talking More about Ceramides?

Ceramides have been around for a long time. But jaise harr kahani mein hero important hota hai, waise hi supporting character ke bina film adhuri hai! In this scenario, Ceramides= supporting cast in skincare.

But, How Do Ceramides Really Work?

To figure out what ceramides do for our skin, imagine that we are making ladoos.
Unless they have a good amount of ghee in them, they…

    * Won’t hold their shape,
    * Won’t stay fresh for too long
    * Won't look good

In the skincare world. ghee=ceramides! And they help *Coat the skin cells

*Keep them intact
*Improve the overall appearance of the skin.

We know, Ceramides is quite the daddy of skincare ingredients!

Why choosing ceramides-based products is the best (skincare) decision you'll make today

*Targets specific skin woes
*Locks in the moisture
*Restores the skin's barrier
*Softens & soothes the skin
*Increases skin tolerance
*Boosts the efficacy of other products.