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Skin Tightening Serum
Ankita Pednekar

Skin Tightening Serum

Body Lotion for Dry-Very Dry Skin

holy grail for my face

I have just started doing skincare seriously and after using this serum just for 15 days I have started to see the difference in my skin.My skin never looked better before

Not worth it

Been a fan of CAP But this vitamin c serum wasnt good enough for me and it got oxidised within a week of opening So its a complete waste of mmy money

So far loving it

The ingredients that this roll on has, after reading it, I bought this without a second thought.
So much care for underarms. Just superb.
Loved the Aqua fragrance, keeps u fresh and dry and doesn’t make your armpits feel dry, like other roll ons.
To comment about reduction in pigmentation… for that will have to use longer and see the results.
But must must must try. Much better than other brands.

Brightening Face Toner
Anuradha Sharma

Brightening Face Toner


Best thing you can do for your skin!

The only word that can do justice to CAP's Advanced Brightening Face Serum is 'Magical'!! I have used several bottles of Vitamin C serum from several brands (including some organic, 100% natural, and all that) but the results I have seen with this serum are absolutely unbelievable🤩!

Little background- I used to have a full face of active painful acne and nasty acne scars and marks.
Using other brand serums- the active acne reduced but no effect was seen on my ance scars even after several months of usage.
Using CAP serum (since 2months)- No active acne since I started using, acne marks are gone and scars are reducing too! My skin feels smooth and even after almost 7-8yrs.

How I use the serum- Apply every morning after cleaning my face with a salicylic based fasewash, followed by a sunscreen. I sometimes also use 10% niacinamide serum at night (like once every 7-10days-cuz I am lazy :p)

The three active ingredients used in this serum i.e 20% Vitamin C + 1% Tocopherol + 0.5% Ferulic Acid are the holy grail for youthful bright skin! Now other brands either do not have all three in their serums or are way more expensive. I am so so so grateful to Chemist At Play to make such genuinely good, scientifically researched, and still affordable products! Thank you :D


I really loved the kit.. working great on my skin..


I really loved it.. works amazing on my skin

Exfoliating Body Wash

Acne Control Body Wash
Menakha Pugazhendhi

Im suffering from severe back acne...this bodywash helped me with controlling itching and stopped breakouts...worth buying

Magic miracle

Doubtfully I started using this serum buy it went magical for me.Viola!The melsma spots gone down nearly by using it for one and a half month

Advanced Brightening Face Serum
Ramneek Oberoi Khurana
Absorbs well and shows instant results

Very lightweight serum that absorbs well and does not leave the skin feel clogged or too layered. Shows results in 4-6 weeks

It does what it claims

It's my 2nd time buying this product and i could see visible changes. Nothing is more happier than to feel my skin being bright and healthier. The also delivered very fast and the packaging was so good that I got my order very next day. Thank you for making my skin and days brighter!

Acne Control Face Wash
Deepali Kheskwani

Acne Control Face Wash

Acne Control Body Wash
Megha Bhardwaj
Great quantity and quality

I could see reduction in my body acne, not drastically but after like 2 weeks. I wish it had fragrance! Please launch fragrant versions too

Acne Control Body Wash
Deeksha Yadav

Acne Control Body Wash

Acne Control Face Serum
Ajaykumar Doguparthi
Excellent product

I recommend this product and 100% satisfied


This is th best body lotion I've ever purchased. A very light and a sweet fragrance , makes the texture of skin smooth provides with an instant glow. Very gentle and worth the purchase 10/10 a bit costly but it actually works. Recommended

No result seen

Dab to fab skin

Fabulous change in my skin .
No tiny pustules any more

Lovely gift box...!!!

I have gifted this one of my friend on her birthday and she loved it.

Amazing gifting option for friends and family!

I recently bought this gift box for my mom and she loved it <3
She has been using the products for a while now and loved each of them :)
You should definitely give it a try!!

Smooth Skin Gift Box
Anjali sharma

totally satisfied with the product. worth well on skin and nice product. must recommended product